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In addition to collecting emergency contact information, as of Tuesday, account data collection is now per-event instead of per-site. Now, each event can be customized to make data like address, phone number, and shirt size not collected, optional, or required.

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As of Tuesday, Ultimate Central organizers now have the ability to require Emergency Contact information at registration. Once the information is collected the emergency contact information is available on each player's profile.

Simply go to your event page, open up "Registration Settings", Select "Data Collection", and from there you have the…



Sidebar content slots got a nice design update this past week for those that have "Use bubbles layout" checked in their design settings. Content slots now have clear separation between them, allowing for a cleaner feel.

Notes from the Ultimate Canada Conference Spirit Forum. How can your organization promote spirit?

  • Use spirit scores - All use at least a score; some feel specific questions are better.
  • Highlight spirit winners - Emphasize spirit winners alongside competitive winners. Give rewards to most spirited teams.
  • Share spirit scores - mix…

At the Ultimate Canada Conference League Forum, each organization was asked for an innovative idea from the last year. I wrote down as many as I could:

  • CUPS tournament (EUPA)
  • Indoor Beach Tournament (VUL)
  • Disc Olympics (Regina) - register in teams of 2, rotate between many disc events
  • Small format indoor…