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During our monthly features bashes, Ultimate Central developers set aside a day to add useful, small features to the platform. Here are the features that were added in this month's bash:

  • Sites now allow relative redirects when redirecting to a URL on Ultimate Central (e.g. test.ultimatecentral.com/t will work even when domain is switched to test.com/t)…

Picture of Daniel Nan
Daniel Nan
Jan 17, 2015
Philadelphia, PA

New Event Box Filter


Ultimate Central organizers now have the ability to utilize the new "Event" box. On top of filtering events by product, organizers can now filter revenue by events.

Last week, Ultimate Central upated the event listing to now include a non-tiled option which gets rid of the tiled look. With the flat non-tiled option for event listing, the event list is now the full width of the screen from top to bottom.


Today, in Ultimate Central's largest update in over a year, we took a new set of product and transaction changes live that brings huge improvements for treasurers, administrators, and users signing up for events and buying products. 

Here are some of the improvements:

Much better support for product variations and in-event product flow…

Ffindrhearts 2 Original

In April 2014, we announced a merger between Ultimate Central and FFindr. Since that time, FFindr developer Christian Jennewein has joined the team and has been working hard on a merger script to integrate FFindr's existing features, accounts, and events, teams into Ultimate Central.

Several European early adopters have also…